With criptogon we want to help and support nonprofit organizations financially. We see the royalty function of NFTs as an opportunity to support nonprofit organizations on an ongoing basis, to give something back to society and help people in need. With our art, we introduce important personalities of world history, highlighting those who had and have a great influence on different areas of society and uphold their legacy. We will release many more drops about people from different areas. The limitation of the NFTs depends on the age reached by the person who is the subject of it.

How does it work?

We will receive 15% from each resale of our NFTs, and donate 33.33% of each proceeds we receive from every single sale and resale by an NFT to a nonprofit organization chosen by our first buyers.

  1. You buy an NFT from us as a first time buyer.
  2. You get the right to vote and we will send you a survey with predefined nonprofit organizations, where you get to choose the organization the donation should go to.
  3. We wait until all editions of an NFT have been sold and evaluate the votes of all first-time buyers for the specific NFT.
  4. We donate 33.33% of the raised money through this specific NFT to the nonprofit organization with the most votes.
  5. First resale by a first-time buyer. We get 15% through the royalty function of NFTs and donate the 33.33% of the proceeds that reaches us to the charitable organization originally selected by the first buyers. This will be repeated with every resale with which we receive revenue through the royalty function.

Example: The NFT „MORE THAN A RAPPER“ is limited to 25 pieces and all pieces get sold. We have raised a total of 1000€ through all sold 25 NFTs. We donate 333,3€ (33,33% of the collected 1000€) to the nonprofit
 organization with the most votes. Now one of the first time buyers is reselling his NFT for 1000€. We will get 150€ through this sale (15% of 100) and donate 49,99€ (33,33% of 150€) to the nonprofit organization.

On our website we will show you transparently and traceable how much we received from every single sale and how much we have already donated per NFT.  You can get our NFTs on Rarible

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